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"Jazz and classical music enjoy an unpredictably tempestuous relationship: polar opposites in one sense, yet drawing ever closer in another. The very act of improvisation is alien to many classical players, but jazz musicians often receive a dual upbringing. Contemporary jazz in particular has seen frequent blurring of genre boundaries between the two, with people including Wayne Shorter, Chris Potter, Jacques Loussier and Uri Caine experimentally combining elements of both and compositional techniques growing ever more sophisticated.
Russia is no exception to this rising trend. With its magnificent classical history and fertile developing jazz scene, perhaps that's no surprise but it is nevertheless slightly unusual that one of the leading advocates is Alex Rostotsky, an electric bassist who favours a distinctly Jaco-esque fretless fusion sound".

 Frederick Bernas "Not-So-Modest Mussorgsky in Moscow" (04.2009)

"Alex Rostotsky has imperceptibly become one of the jazz leaders as a great bass player and a composer of music being performed not only in Russia but also abroad , and as an artist combining the width of views with his own theme in creative work".

jazz critic Alexey Batashev 

"Alex is equally impressive in his solo work, and is a special delight to observe, as well as hear".

famous American guitar player Tal Farlow

" It was during Alex Rostotsky's performance of his monoprogramme in which the pauses are as meaningful as the sounds themselves, as his music is probably a kind of meditation or a prayer."

 festival review from Novokuznetsk by Vladimir Grevnev

"An amazing album - it wouldn't want to open its full idea, but for a long time I haven't met the music which attracts you so imperceptibly. The main thing here is not simply the oriental coloring and the musicians' skill, but the presence of several meanings and cultural layers".


 "Jazz-Kvadrat" magazine, Eugene Dolgikh

"Honestly speaking, the main word attracted me in the title of Alex's programme was "Theatre". The fact that jazz is related to theatre was noticed long ago. Nowadays it is worth speaking about a sound theatre or a timbre theatre, in other words there is a parallel with an art gallery."

jazz critic Arkadij Petrov

"Alex Rostotsky doesn't need any special introduction. He is a musician of different directions. He has evolved from mainstream and fusion to ethno music. It is difficult to describe his musical portrait because of the variety of contributions towards the development of Russian jazz."


 "Jazz-Kvadrat" magazine, Anna Aladova

"Rostotsky and Parfenov present not so much a cultural exposition of the music they grew up hearing, as an investigation through curiosity and joy of the possibilities made available by those genres. This happens to be a characteristic of all musicians, that lifelong search for the beauty of music through ever-varying approaches."

american critic Don Williamson


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