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A swan is swimming by
I remember Joe Zawinul        
              Splashes, 2004
Once Upon a Time in the City of Kazan        Dreams
 Oriental Impress     Once I Loved
Boiled Borscht  Waltz For Ksenia   Jazz Ballads
Music labels: JBT, Art Beat, L-Junction, Melodiya, MTM LTD,
Boheme Music (USA), Pope Music (USA), Cosmic Sounds (UK).
Alex Rostotsky discography:
Alex Rostostsky "A swan is swimming by" © Art Beat - 2012
Alex Rostotsky "I remember Joe Zawinul" © Art Beat - 2011
Alex Rostotsky "Pictures at an exhibition or Promenade with Mussorgsky" - © JBT - 2008
Alex Rostotsky "Time When Fish Think of the Past" - © JBT - 2004
Alex Rostotsky "Splashes" - CD 2002,© JBT - 2002
Alex Rostotsky / Yuri Parfenov "Once Upon a Time in the City of Kazan"
LP 2001 CS 12 01 © Cosmic Sounds London LP - 2001
Alex Rostotsky "Dreams" © L-Junction CD - 2001
Alex Rostotsky / Yuri Parfenov "Oriental Impress" © L-Junction-LJCD CD - 2000
Aex Rostotsky "Jazz Ballads" © L-Junction-LJCD-041 CD - 1999
Alex Rostotsky "Once I Loved"  © Boheme music-CD BMR-81203 CD - 1999
Alex Rostotsky's jazz bass theatre" Moscow Jazz Festival In Hermitage" © L-Junction LJCD-042 - 1999
"L. Subramaniam In Moscow" © Boheme music CD BMR-909095 - 1999
Alex Rostotsky "Boiled Borsht" © Pope Music pmg 2014-2 CD - 1998
Alex Rostotsky, Stas Grigoriev "Christmas Night" © Soyuz Records-SZCD-0881-97 CD - 1997
Alex Rostotsky "Night Watch" contemporary jazz in Russia, FASCC0024 audio cassette - 1996
Alex Rostotsky "Let Me Stay In Your Eyes" © MTM 60009 CD - 1994
Alex Rostotsky "Waltz For Ksenia" © MTM 94016 CD - 1994
Alex Rostotsky" Jazz Ballads" © MTM 94002 CD - 1994
Alex Rostotsky "Midem" © D.C. Prouction 09327 - 1994
Alex Rostotsky trio, Bill Skeat. Sibirian Intern. Jazz Festival In Novokuznetsk" © Melodia 60.00957 CD - 1993
Alex Rostotsky "Concert In The Olympic Village" © Russian Disk R.60-00255 LP - 1991
Alex Rostotsky "Open Your Eyes You Can Fly" © Melodia rec-C.60-31107003 LP - 1990
Lakshminaraina Subramaniam "Time Must Be Changed" © Melodia C.60-19437.001 LP - 1990
Alexey Kuznetsov "Concert In The Olimpic Villadge" © Melodia C.60-00363.008 LP - 1987
Yuri Markin Quintet "Moscow Jazz Festival 1987" © Melodiya, LP - 1987
Vladimir Konovaltzev Quintet "Moscow Jazz Festival" © Mobil Fidelity LP - 1984

A swan is swimming by - CD


A swan is swimming by This compilation of Rostotsky’s recordings documents just one facet of his music’s poly-cultural approach. For «A Swan Is Swimming By» he chose from his 21st century records nine tracks with a focus on Russian music. Of course he had recorded more than nine tracks of Russian-influenced music: for an instance, his 2006 album, «Pictures At An Exhibition Or Promenade With Mussorgsky» (JBT/One records) consisted entirely of jazz readings from the great Russian classical composer’s book. But this compilation does not have any composer’s music in it – that is, other than Rostotsky’s; but all his compositions in this new album are based upon the melodies of Russian folk songs, and (in seven tracks out of nine) on the genuine folk lyrics.
One should not, however, seek in this music neither ethnographic document nor simplified pop-folk approximation. Nothing is that simple here. Melodies and harmonies of Slavic folklore are easy to recognize here, but they are cleverly combined with many other unlikely elements, such as electronic rhythms, or sharp Indian percussion, or quasi-classical symphony sounds, while all those elements are nailed together with prolonged improvisational statements which are, undoubtedly, jazz. Most prominently, it is the work of Yuri Parfenov that stands out. The trumpet and flugelhorn virtuoso was Rostotsky’s steady musical partner during the 2000s, bringing in Alex’s projects his expertise in oriental music: Parfenov first came to prominence in 1970s Soviet jazz as the principal soloist in Bumerang, Uzbekistan-based jazz rock combo which added a lot of Central Asian spices in their own brand of fusion. Other strong jazz soloists in «A Swan Is Swimming By» are guitarist Pavel Chekmakovsky, tenor saxophonist Sergei Golovnya, and others.
But it is vocals that gives this album its special flavor. Classical singers Anna Sokolova and Elena Romanova, an entire chamber choir led by Vyacheslav Simonov, and spicy Indian voiice of Indian tabla master Keshab Kanti Chowdhury all make different tracks to shine their different sound facets, but the most exotic element of the album’s sound is Rostotsky’s own singing voice. He has a certain vocal experience (he sung for years in an Orthodox Christian church choir, after all,) but his singing in this album does not play the standard vocal role: it is rather an integral part of the instrumental arrangement, as Alex more often sings through a vocoder than not – which adds his voice a strange shade of an exotic synthesized sound, either mystical, or romantic, or slightly ironical.
All this combined, the listener experiences an unusual whole, in which we can single out different elements of different styles and influences, but hardly we shall. This is not entirely jazz, entirely not rock, definitely not a study in ethnomusicology and not a stereotyped example of «world music» – it is just Alex Rostotsky’s music, as individual as it gets, and turned to the listener by its recognizably Russian side in this record.

Cyril Moshkow,
editor-in-chief, Jazz.Ru magazine


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1. A swan is swimming by  ‒ 8.20 Alex Rostotsky
2. Once upon a time in the city if Kazan ‒ 5.20 Alex Rostotsky
3. Oh, you my field ‒ 2.07 Alex Rostotsky
4. It was said long ago ‒ 3.21 Alex Rostotsky
5. Krivichi ‒ 7.24 Alex Rostotsky
6. The bells rang in Novgorod ‒ 7.01 Alex Rostotsky
7. Oi, liulli-liulli ‒ 3.36 folk, Alex Rostotsky
8. Over the river ‒ 7.15 Alex Rostotsky
Bonus track: I am going to pick mushrooms and berries...  Alex Rostotsky

Alex Rostotsky ‒ vocals, synthesizers, vocoder, programming, bass, Yury Parfenov ‒trumpet, Anna Sokolova ‒ vocals, Pavel Checkmakovsky ‒ guitar, Sergey Ostroumov ‒ drums, String Orchestra, Elena Romanova ‒ vocals, Mixed Chamber Choir (conductor – Vyacheslav Simonov), Keshab Kanti Chowdhury – vocals, Sergey Golovnya – tenor-saxophone, Evgeny Borets – grand piano, syntesizers, Anton Revnyuk – bass


"A swan is swimming by" - at the "Art Beat" Records website

project "A swan is swimming by" - at the festival "Music of faith" in Kazan, Russia


I remember Joe Zawinul- CD&DVD


I remember Joe Zawinul

Alex Rostotsky - I remember Joe Zawinul

2011 © Art Beat


Alex Rostotsky - keyboards, vocoders, MacBook Pro, vocals,

Timur Nekrasov - tenor&soprano saxophones,

Lev Slepner - electic marimba & percussion,
Vartan Babayan - percussion,
special guests:
Paco Sery - drums, kalimba,vocals,
Linley Marthe - bass




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26th studio album by Alex Rostotsky was created to commemorate a legendary keyboardist, composer and founder of “fusion” style. New CD isn’t a collection of covers to Zawinul pieces, but an independent creative view. The audience will experience again their feelings from his music though the composotions by Alex Rostotsky. The only exception is “Zanza 2” written by Paco Sery and Joe Zawinul.

Due to participation of two musicians from “The Zawinul Syndicate” Linley Marthe and Paco Sery in the recording of “I remember Joe Zawinul” that album didn’t become a remote reflection on the heritage of great performer. Because Paco has played with Zawinul for 15 long years and Linley has collaborated with him for last 7 years of master’s life. Besides Alex Rostotsky in that project also took part another Russian musicians – Vartan Babayan, members of “Marimba plus” band – Timur Nekrasov and Lev Slepner.

This project was presented in June 2011 at the “Usadba Jazz” Festival in Moscow, and continued in November 2011 with a small tour around the cities of Russia, completing with release an album (CD&DVD edition).


Joe Zawinul (1932-2007) – an Austrian jazz-keyboardist, composer, founder of the bands «Weather Report» (1970-1986) and «The Zawinul Syndicate» (1988-2007). He took part in the recording of Miles Davis albums. Along with Chick Corea and Herbie Hancock, Joe became one of the first keyboardists who began to use synthesizer. Zawinul was a Goodwill Ambassador in the 17 african countries.



"I remember Joe Zawinul" - at the "Art Beat" Records website


Pictures at an exhibition or promenade with Mussorgsky - CD&DVD


Promenade with Mussorgsky Alex Rostotsky - Pictures at an exhibition or promenade with Mussorgsky

2006 © Alex Rostotsky, JBT


A new project by Alex Rostotsky is a kind of a musical gift not only for classical music-lovers but also for those who admire jazz improvisation. One of the best Russian jazz musicians, Alex Rostotsky has released a new album, "Pictures at an Exhibition", where the famous Mussorgsky's themes are performed by a jazz trio. A famous Russian composer Alexander Rozenblatt has written a concert fantasia for the grand-piano, electric bass, percussion and symphonic orchestra especially for the album. Having joined jazz and symphonical language and left a lot of Mussorgsky'e text untouched, Rostotsky is opening a new modern world of fusion and moving apart traditional frames of perception of classical music.

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I part - performed by Alex Rostotsky trio: Yakov Okun - concert grand piano, Alex Rostotsky - e-bass, Alexander Mashin - drums. All arrangements by Alex Rostotsky, except number 8 by Yuri Markin,Yakov Okun

1. Promenade (1.32)
2. Gnome (6.17)  MP3
3. The old castle (9.55)
4. Promenade (0.30)
5. The tuilleries gardens (7.28)
6. Ballet of the unhatched chicks (5.58) MP3
7. Rich jew, poor jew (8.09)
8. Promenade (5.39)
9. The hut on the fowls legs (5.48)
II part - jazz-trio (Irina Popova - concert grand piano, Alex Rostotsky - e-bass, Alexander Mashin - drums) with Russian State Symphony Orchestra of Cinematography (conductor - Sergey Skripka)
Composed and Arranged by Alexander Rosenblatt
10. Waltzing with Hartmann (16.05)


director, cameraman, editor - Andrey Chernyshev

animation - Svetlana Matrosova


Time when fish think of the past


Time when fish think of the past     Alex Rostotsky
    Time When Fish Think of the Past

    2004 © Alex Rostotsky


    1. African Village (Alex Rostotsky)

    2. A Swan is Swimming By (folk song, Alex Rostotsky)

    3. Tango of Cairo (Alex Rostotsky) 

    4. Krivichi (Alex Rostotsky)

    5. Over the River (Alex Rostotsky)

    6. Jewish Lullaby (Alex Rostotsky)

    7. Oi, liuli - liuli (Russian folk song, Alex Rostotsky)

    8. Rich Jew, Poor Jew (M. Musorgsky, Alex Rostotsky)

    9. Gongs of Semarang (folk song, Y. Markin, Alex Rostotsky)


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