"Pictures at an Exhibition or Promenade with Mussorgsky"

Music of Modest Mussorgsky, a famous Russian composer of the 19th century, has become a prominent theme for a new crossover project where Alex Rostotsky in collaboration with Alexander Rosenblatt joined two styles: jazz and symphonic music. 7 Mussorgsky’s "pictures" out of 10 in jazz interpretation recorded by Rostotsky in a trio (with drummer Alexander Mashin and pianist Yakov Okun), are slowing advancing towards the final part of the album, i.e. a monumental 16-minute piece “Waltzing with Gartman” written by composer Alexander Rosenblatt in the form of a fantasy concerto, on the basis of Mussorgsky’s works, designed for a big symphonic orchestra, piano (Irina Popova), drums (Mashin), and e-bass (Rostotsky).

“Immensity and the highest artistic performance allow branding it as one of the supreme creative achievements of the Russian Jazz”. (“”)


studio album - "Pictures at an exhibition or promenade with Mussorgsky"



"Promenade with Mussorgsky" studio sessions
"Promenade with Mussorgsky" concert in "Le club" Moscow


"Not-so-modest Mussorgsky in Moscow" Frederic Bernas


"Two jews"

 "Promenade with Mussorgsky" project, Igor Butman club, 2008

 Alex Rostotsky - bass, Timur Nekrasov - tenor&soprano saxophones,

Lev Slepner - electic Marimba & percussion, Alexander Kulkov - drums, Fernando Gimeno Perez - coffee animation



Art Splash - project



This project is presented by quartet: Alex Rostotsky (bass), Lev Slepner (marimba), Timur Nekrasov (saxophone), and Alexander Kulkov (percussion, drums). Musical pieces by Alex Rostotsky formed a part of this programme. Having been interested in various cultures, Alex is using languages from all over the world in the content of his music. Rostotsky includes various samples in his improvisations, spanning from African fairy tales to the Russian poetry. Thus recitatives and poetry are creating impression of a fifth voice in this quartet of musicians. The “Art Splash” band has successfully toured Switzerland and East Africa.

optional: videoart, live performances by artists and contemporary dancers


 "Art Splash" on tour in South Africa - city of Kampala - Uganda

(on stage with native music stars)


"Art Splash" on tour in Basel, Switzerland


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