I remember Joe Zawinul- CD&DVD

I remember Joe Zawinul- CD&DVD


I remember Joe Zawinul

Alex Rostotsky - I remember Joe Zawinul

2011 © Art Beat


Alex Rostotsky - keyboards, vocoders, MacBook Pro, vocals,

Timur Nekrasov - tenor&soprano saxophones,

Lev Slepner - electic marimba & percussion,
Vartan Babayan - percussion,
special guests:
Paco Sery - drums, kalimba,vocals,
Linley Marthe - bass




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26th studio album by Alex Rostotsky was created to commemorate a legendary keyboardist, composer and founder of “fusion” style. New CD isn’t a collection of covers to Zawinul pieces, but an independent creative view. The audience will experience again their feelings from his music though the composotions by Alex Rostotsky. The only exception is “Zanza 2” written by Paco Sery and Joe Zawinul.

Due to participation of two musicians from “The Zawinul Syndicate” Linley Marthe and Paco Sery in the recording of “I remember Joe Zawinul” that album didn’t become a remote reflection on the heritage of great performer. Because Paco has played with Zawinul for 15 long years and Linley has collaborated with him for last 7 years of master’s life. Besides Alex Rostotsky in that project also took part another Russian musicians – Vartan Babayan, members of “Marimba plus” band – Timur Nekrasov and Lev Slepner.

This project was presented in June 2011 at the “Usadba Jazz” Festival in Moscow, and continued in November 2011 with a small tour around the cities of Russia, completing with release an album (CD&DVD edition).


Joe Zawinul (1932-2007) – an Austrian jazz-keyboardist, composer, founder of the bands «Weather Report» (1970-1986) and «The Zawinul Syndicate» (1988-2007). He took part in the recording of Miles Davis albums. Along with Chick Corea and Herbie Hancock, Joe became one of the first keyboardists who began to use synthesizer. Zawinul was a Goodwill Ambassador in the 17 african countries.



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