Once Upon a Time in the City of Kazan - CD

Once Upon a Time in the City of Kazan - CD

    Once upon a time in the city of KazanAlex Rostotsky / Yuri Parfenov

    Once Upon a Time in the City of Kazan
    2001 © Cosmic Sounds (UK)

    1. Night Watch (Alex Rostotsky)
    2. Elrisha (Yuri Parfenov)
    3. Dervish (Yuri Parfenov)
    4. Once upon A TIme In The City Of Kazan (Alex Rostotsky)
    5. Ganga (L. Subramaniam)
    6. Zoroaster's Cube (Alex Rostotsky)
    7. Sphinx's Dream (Alex Rostotsky)
    8. A Hookah in the Evening (Yuri Parfenov) MP3
    9. Oh, You My Field (Alex Rostotsky)
   10. Minaret (Yuri Parfenov)



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press quotes:

Great to hear another deep and spiritual, and not a quick-shot-one-day-flyer record. My favourite are "Night Watch" (which brings me a little on journey into the 80's), the building "Dervish", and the flowing "Sphinx's Dream". They're diggin' really deep here...

Peter Joppich (Spinning Wheel Records)

 ...brilliant jazz -fusion LP, indeed. It's amazing, how this sound continues in Russia...

Tom Wieland (Les Gammas)

Another superb release on CS. An Excellent album with an interesting variety of atmosphere, sounds... Very intriguing, deep compositions by two great musicians. Love it! Rewiewed in Plastiks 52 and played on Magnetic South Radio.

Waldo Dekeyser (Plastiks magazine, Belgium)

 It's got that kind of milestone.. Worldwide on BBC 1

Gilles Peterson (BBC Worldwide)

 Night Watch is absolutely fantastic, 10/10. Brilliant album - heavy play in my show.

Michael Rutten (Soul Patrol, Germany)

Funky jazz from Russia -- featuring some great fusion numbers recorded by the team of Alex Rostotsky and Yuri Parfenov, working here either together or separately, in varying lineups that include trumpet, tenor, keyboards, and reeds -- all grooving in a mode that recalls the glory days of the European fusion scene of the mid 70s. Some tracks are funky, others are more spacious -- but the whole set, although new, has the spirit of the older Eastern European funky jazz classics that have been issued so far by the Cosmic Sounds label.

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