Oriental Impress - CD

Oriental Impress - CD


Oriental Impress

    Alex Rostotsky / Yuri Parfenov
    Oriental Impress

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    Nothing can surpass oriental fairy tales for the beauty of their

    elusive images of the invisible and a taste ofthe intangible.

    A figitive jint, a reminiscence, an underlying secondary and

    ternitary meaning - they are the precious and unexpected features

    of Oriental cultures. The triad of Music, Poetry and Fine Art

    represents the Triune oneness which explains a great deal. Let us

    open, just a crackm the door to the amazing and wondrous world of

    sounds and images. Let us listen and melt into them...

Alex Rostotsky

"Oriental Impress" – the influence of East

 What could be more graceful than eastern fairy-tale? It's the image of invisible, the taste of intangible. The idea of this album was created by Alex Rostotsky and Yuri Parfenov four years ago. At the same time the group of famous professional jazz musicians was collected (Yakov Okun, Anton Revnjuk, Dmitri Sevastianov, Anton Sevidov) and the original program of eastern music was recorded. At 70s Yuri Parfenov started first experiments in combining of jazz and eastern melodies in ensemble "Bumerang" of Alma-Ata. Alex Rostotsky was carried away by oriental music after the concerts and record of LP "Time should be changed" along with the distinguished Indian violinist L. Subramanian. "Nowadays looking back, we're very glad that album was recorded only this year. Forms became more perfect, plays got new sound." says Rostotsky. Two remarkable foreign musicians took part in this project such as Kasha Kanto Chowdhury from India who plays tabla, and Kamal Ballan-performer of Arabian lute-oud. They brilliantly played their roles having imparted aura which otherwise would be missed. Album "Oriental Impress" is a cultural trip into oriental music. Tunes of India, Middle Asia, Arabian East are heard in the music, being interwoven into indissoluble and completed artistic unity. It's an impression of modern European musician due to the meeting with Orient - it's a sight from the window of East Express.


    Alex Rostotsky              Dmitri Vlasenko
    Yuri Parfenov                Dmitry Sevastianov
    Alexander Zakarian     Sergei Yemelianov
    Felix Lakhuti                 Kamal Ballan
    Yakov Okun                   Bronislav Vinogrodsky
    Yuri Pogiba                  Sara Arianpour
    Anton Revnyuk              Keshab Kanti Chowdhury



    1. Minaret (Yuri Parfenov) (3:08)
    2. Lyrics (1:58) MP3
    3. Gardens Of Alcazar (Alex Rostotsky) (6:06) MP3
    4. Lyrics (0:42)
    5. Ganga (L. Subramaniam) (8:09)
    6. Debussi's SevenNotes Amid Tempel Ruins Under Moonlight

    (Alex Rostotsky) (4:01)
    7. An Arrow In Flight (Yuri Parfenov) (5:17)
    8. Lusid Valley (Folk) (1:38)
    9. Lyrics (0:48)   
    10. Night Watch (Alex Rostotsky) (8:04)
    11. Haitarma (Yuri Parfenov) (4:35)
    12. Dervish (Yuri Parfenov) (8:44)
    13. Lyrics (1:06)